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This site, named "KRohanM Endeavors", is the junction of multiple sub-sites of Khagesh Rohan Mahanta, who is an author, management systems consultant, trainer, and speaker in multiple domains.

Khagesh is a graduate in mechanical engineering with a total diverse professional experience of over 25 years, out of which 20+ years in the areas of new product development, engineering design, quality assurance, process excellence, project management, management systems implementation (lean, QHSE, etc.), turned multi-management systems consultant, trainer, implementer, speaker, author, and content creator both as a remote freelancer as well as an entrepreneur.

Based on many years of research and observations, he has written a few books, and some more books are in the pipeline.

On the site named "Author Khagesh Mahanta", you will find excerpts from some of his books.

ASPIRATIONS CORPORATE is an endeavor of Khagesh to support organizations of diverse domains through consulting and training services on some extremely important topics.

Through his blogs on diverse, exciting, insightful, and trending topics, Khagesh is making continuous efforts to help his readers sincerely.

Through his YouTube videos, podcast episodes, artwork, photography, and rhythmic-poetic creations, Khagesh has been making sincere efforts to help people inspire and gain insights for better resolutions.

Khagesh Mahanta

Your feedback and input regarding our efforts to add great value to your personal and professional lives will surely help us achieve our aspirations to enhance the quality of our services, provide better supports, and open up better avenues to serve you better.

The main site address is: https://khageshmahanta.com/

The addresses of the sub-sites are:

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